We help utilities meet their Renewable Portfolio Standards by constructing 1 - 20+ MW (10 – 200 acre) renewable power system projects. The Feed-in Tariff program provides revenue to property owners for leasing their land and rooftop space.

Pristine Sun can help Building and Land Owners to:
> Create a new long-term income stream
> Turn a non-performing asset (vacant rooftop) into a performing asset
Enhance asset value and resale value
> Increase the marketability of your property
> Participate in helping Green their Community

Our business model is simple:

Pristine  Sun’s  business  model  is  simple:  We  are proficient  at  acquiring  site  leases  and  power purchase  agreements
for  financeable  solar  projects  in  attractive  markets.  We then develop  the  sites,  underwrite,  procure,  finance, construct, and operate these low-risk projects.

In other words, we earn returns building our projects and selling electrons (energy) — not equipment.

We act as an independent power producer with secure utility-type revenues: predictable, long-term, and low-risk. We are on track to generate more than $100 million in revenue in 2015.  

Pristine Sun manages our own EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), in partnership with Panasonic, which provides our construction financing and a minimum performance guarantee.

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